Name:Breathing Training Device Vital Capacity Exerciser Pulmonary Function Rehabilitation Physical Training Device


*1. A simple exercise can keep your lungs healthy!

*2. There are different measurements of 3000ml/5000ml, which can be used for lung breathing training of different people.

*3. Good breathing exercise helps keep the lungs healthy. Regular breathing exercise can not only strengthen the respiratory system, but also prevent lung diseases.

*4. Helps you breathe correctly. Train you to take deep breaths to help you open and clear your airways. This helps prevent upper respiratory diseases, such as mucus accumulation, asthma, pneumonia and so on.

*5. Keep your lungs and body healthy. The more breathing exercises performed properly, the more efficiently the lungs deliver oxygen to the entire body. This can help you better resist aging and disease.

*6. Easy to use. Your goal is to take a deep breath and float the colorful ball in column. From top to bottom, crying face---smiling face---crying face, which means too much air---moderate air---too little air. You can measure and record the maximum inhalation effort.

*7. It also helps fight stress and anxiety. When you take a deep breath, it will also clear your mind and get rid of the stress and anxiety caused by daily work and activities. You can easily spend the day actively and positively.

*8. If your breathing is not smooth, it can help you maintain and restore normal breathing.

*9. Lightweight to carry and clean. The small size makes it easy to put in a bag and carry it with you. You can use it at home.


How to use:

Insert the breathing tube into the air nozzle. Make sure it is firmly connected. Then connect the blow mouth to the other end of the breathing tube. Next, put the nozzle in your mouth. Seal your lips tightly against the nozzle. Breathe slowly (deeply) while your lips are still tightly sealed around the nozzle. Hold your breath for 3 seconds before removing the nozzle. Then exhale slowly. Take a breath and start the cycle again. Your goal is to try to blow the ball as high as possible. First, you may be able to lift the ball in a short distance. But as you continue to practice, you will be able to breathe more air.

If you feel dizzy, stop exercising and have a rest first.



Name: Breathing Trainer

Material: PVC

Color: As shown in the picture

Style: one balls


Product List:

1 * Breathing Exerciser

1 * Manual



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