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Name:Silicone 3+2 Cores sensor raw cable


ANYLink Ref No.               Name,Description, Color. Packing: 305 m / Roll (Unit price is according to meter.) Application  
DC0019B (#30/2C+Spiral)1C+#30/3C+Spiral+Silicone Jacket,Blue, O.D.:4.0mm SpO2  
Product Facts
- Superior Data Transmission.
- Shielding, Anlistatig, Low noise.
- Tough hight flexing cycle.
- Superior aging performance and enduring.
 - Latex-free
 - Jacket material :Silicone 
 - Biocompatibility: All patient contact materials are latex free and have been tested according to 
   ISO 10993-5,ISO 10993-10.
 - Sterilization: autoclave 
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